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From the store to your plate, we always make sure to go that extra step to make our clients feel the love that was put into our dishes.

Our fish always undergo a cold water bath before chilling it to be served. This process removed the pungent fishy flavor that would otherwise adulterate the purity of the fish’s natural light taste.Our fish fry batter is concocted with the purpose of adding just enough crunch, while leaving the integrity of the airy fish flavor in-tact. Every fish is cooked to order fresh so it will stay flavorful even as left-overs

Our shrimp also under-goes the cold water bath for the same reasons as the fish. Seafood has a light taste that deserves the most attention to keeping the integrity of the sea and we integrate that concept into all of our shrimps especially. Each jumbo shrimp is carefully devined and butterflyed so the flavor profile of our marinade is expanded over a larger surface area. Food science!

We are always grateful to our customers for allowing us to provide that one special meal of the day and our seafood has a special place in our hearts. Seafood has always been one of the most difficult to infuse flavor while keeping the sea intact. As we continue our quest to lock in the sea, we thank you for coming along for the ride. Stay Blessed!

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