NTSB details the final moments of the helicopter before it crashed, killing Kobe Bryant and 8 others

(CNN) In his final transmission, the pilot of a helicopter that crashed, killing nine people including  NBA legend Kobe Bryant , told air traffic control he was climbing to avoid a cloud layer, the National Transportation Safety Board said Monday. When air traffic control asked the pilot what he planned to do, there was no reply, NTSB board member  Jenn …

January 28, 20200 comments

The new Era – Big 3 evolving into Big 4

For the longest time, Korean Entertainment and also I guess Asia, has had 3 leading entertainment companies, JYP, SM and YG, and these 3 have been the companies who have generated the largest revenue, most in demand stock and have produced the best artists, personalities and media content. But now it has been reported that this 'new era' has expanded and moved onto the 'Big 4'. You would think that the big 4 means the big 3 place 1 more right LOL, but nooooo.....YG Entertainment has been kicked out and now replaced by CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment. Big Hit Entertainment is one that has shown drastic rise in the past few years being the home to currently the biggest boy band in the world, BTS. Even though they literally only got 1 artist, BTS has had sold out everything and have been breaking crazy records worldwide. CJ ENM, although is not a company that generates the same products as the other companies, is a company that has the most shares in major companies and stations, such as AOMG, H1GHR MUSIC, Jellyfish Entertainment and many other large companies. YG being kicked out was both a surprise as a shock, as they were always seen as like the biggest, but in the past 5 ish years, things haven't really been going that well, with 2Ne1 breaking up, and drug scandals, corruption scandals, failures in their production shows etc etc. Big Bang (their biggest revenue generator and their biggest group) have played a large part in the companies downfall, as all members have now entered the army resulting in no music and events being carried out by them, and to add to this....the obvious Seungri drama has really jus tipped the company completely off....their stocks have dropped like over 30% - thats actually crazy. All of this shit happening has just been a bit all over the place for everyone and its almost like confusing.....YG being kicked out of top4 would never have been something anybody would've guessed and like its finally happening haha and YG the man himself has had [...]
March 29, 20190 comments

Drama on the ice: Mariah Bell’s attack on Lim Eun Soo

So leading up to the 'ISU World Championships - Women's Short Program' an alleged incident has occured. Apparently the 22 year old figure skater, Mariah Bell, attacked 16 year old Lim Eun Soo, by kicking the back of her leg with her ice skates, resulting in her disability to actually do well at the event. Lim Eun Soo's reps also claimed that this is not the first time Mariah Bell has 'bullied' her. At first, people on Mariah's side, like her boyfriend, their agency etc etc. were defending her saying that all this is bs, but then a few days later, Mariah came out and gave and official apology (lol not sure why it had to be an 'official' one but ok). I dont know about you guys, but this is legit like another real life version of the 'based on the true story' movie, "I, Tonya" this could legit be the 2.0 version. What do you guys think about this? The sporting event that both skaters were suppose to be competing at, will be held on the 22nd of March, make sure to check in and see what ends up happening on their big day! -A.  
March 22, 20190 comments

Seungri leaving the Entertainment Industry?? …A summary of all the drama

Soooo, these past couple of weeks have just been drama after drama. Many of you have probably heard about the Burning Sun issue, with Seungri being in the center of all of this, and if you haven't, i'll just give you a quick run down. BASICALLYYYY Seungri from Big Bang (literally the biggest Kpop group), had a club called Burning Sun, there was a incident about a man who tried to help a woman he thought was getting sexually harassed, however he got beaten up, and when police came they gave him shit too, so he posted this online to basically vent about what had happened. However, when the case got investigated, shit just went crazy down hill from there as they realised there were a lot more corrupt dodgy things happening in the club... Fast forward to today, so they found out Seungri was one of the owners of the club, did some investigation on him like drugs and bla bla bla, and turns out that he was also involved with tax evasion, and had even installed hidden cameras to take inappropriate videos of girls. When they searched his phone, they found a group chat that was used to share inappropriate videos of girls and the chatroom had included various famous people in it. So far singer Jung Joon Young, has been confirmed to be a member sharing the inappropriate content, and its just a matter of time before the others get revealed.  (this guy ->) Basically with all these investigations happening and all the evidence coming through, Seungri has decided that he's had enough, so decided to make a post about leaving the entertainment industry, and today, YG Entertainment has decided to release an official statement to confirm these allegations, and make it clear that Seungri's contract has been terminated and he has quit being a celebrity. Many are saying that he deserves all of this, whilst others are sympathising with him, what are your thoughts about it? Did the media take it too far? Is there a chance he can make people forgive him for his actions? [...]
March 13, 20190 comments

Osaka pickup artist arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting woman for lessons

Student and teacher arrested following nightclub training session. The base concept behind the pick-up training industry is kind of strange On the one hand, customers are supposedly paying money to get lessons from experienced instructors in how to meet and seduce a romantic and/or sexual partner. But on the other hand, such extensive experience in picking up new people sort of implies that said instructors’ romantic connections aren’t of the quality that warrants repeat performances, and the techniques they’re teaching may not be so much putting your best foot forward, but relying on outright deception or other underhanded tricks. For example, back in the fall of 2017, Osaka resident Yosuke Shoji, a now-37-year-old pick-up instructor employed by Tokyo-based Real Nampa Academy, went out for some in-the-field practice with one of his students, Koichi Yokoya (also now aged 37), an Osaka taxi driver. The two headed to an Osaka nightclub called Minami where they struck up a conversation with a pair of women, plying them with tequila and other high-alcohol content drinks. While one of the women left on her own, Shoji and Yokoya took the other back to the teacher’s condominium, where, according to the Osaka Prefectural Police, the two men then sexually assaulted the woman while she was incapacitated from all the liquor she’d consumed at the men’s recommendation. On March 4, the police formally arrested the men, who are charged with sexual assault on an incapacitated person. Shoji is believed to have been Real Nampa Academy’s top executive in Osaka, in light of the fact that he gave his pick-up lessons in his condo, which was referred to as Real Nampa Academy’s “Osaka House.” While neither Shoji nor Yokoya have yet publicly entered a plea, Shoji’s arrest has sparked a larger-scale investigation of Real Nampa Academy’s operations in Osaka, and considering that its president and a number of employees were arrested on similar sexual assault charges in Tokyo last September, it’s likely this marks the end of the organization. Source: Mainichi Shimbun via Niconico News via Jin
March 7, 20190 comments
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