Kpop’s rise in Western entertainment

As many of you know, in the past few years kpop has become way more accepted in Western countries, even giving them a name in what seems like the 'untouchable' US entertainment area. Apart from Psy, BTS has collaborated with artists like Chainsmokers, Steve Aioki and now Halsey and Ed Sheeran and have performed on major award shows like AMAs as well as being invited to Billboard Music Awards, Grammys and more. Not just them, Blackpink has also shown crazy success as they collaborated with Dua Lipa in a chart stopping record, 'Kiss and Make Up', they've also been recognised by big names such as Pharell, Halsey and more, and right now they're . preparing for Coachella. There are obviously way more crazy successes, but damn. It almost feels like it's finally happened! It's pretty cool getting to see how much Western society has changed in terms of acceptance of other cultures. Like seriously, who would've ever thought a Kpop group would be performing at coachella or even at AMA awards?! What do you guys think? Is this just the beginning? Do you think Cpop and Jpop etc will also emerge into this US?! Lemme know down below! -A.
April 12, 20190 comments
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