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From the store to your plate, we always make sure to go that extra step to make our clients feel the love that was put into our dishes.

Our chicken bowls are marinated for 6-12 hrs in our very own KBBQ sauce for the perfect flavor infusion. We then char-grill the chicken to blend the immaculate smoky flavor into each bite leading to the flavor explosion you experience.Our ribeye steak and jumbo shrimp bowls are marinated for 3-8 hours to ensure each piece brings out the distinctive KBBQ/Seafood flavor. We then pan-grill on the griddle in order to lock in the flavors so each distinctive taste won’t get lost in our other plethora of food options.

We are always thankful to our clients for enjoying our bowls as nothing brings more joy than creating a smile through our work. As our signature piece, we make sure each ingredient is of the highest caliber and executed with consistency so our guests know that they will be getting a fine meal every time.

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