Top Searches by Women on Porn Hub: Women’s Day

Friday is International Women's Day, and Pornhub is on it. They've just released some new findings about what women seek out when it comes to porn. Using anonymous data collected by Google Analytics, Pornhub is able to determine where women users are coming from and what they're looking for. According to their data, the top category searched by women varies across the world, but the overall most popular category among women was "lesbian." according to Pornhub's internal data. Pornhub for women worldwide Worldwide, the "lesbian" category was the most popular across North and South America and well as most of Europe. "Hentai" dominated Russia while "anal" and "ebony" were also popular in other corners of the globe. Pornhub's full report goes even further, detailing top categories in each country relative to other countries. For example, and not surprisingly, women users in France are over 1,000% more into the "French" category [...]
March 10, 20190 comments

Osaka pickup artist arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting woman for lessons

Student and teacher arrested following nightclub training session. The base concept behind the pick-up training industry is kind of strange On the one hand, customers are supposedly paying money to get lessons from experienced instructors in how to meet and seduce a romantic and/or sexual partner. But on the other hand, such extensive experience in picking up new people sort of implies that said instructors’ romantic connections aren’t of the quality that warrants repeat performances, and the techniques they’re teaching may not be so much putting your best foot forward, but relying on outright deception or other underhanded tricks. For example, back in the fall of 2017, Osaka resident Yosuke Shoji, a now-37-year-old pick-up instructor employed by Tokyo-based Real Nampa Academy, went out for some in-the-field practice with one of his students, Koichi Yokoya (also now aged 37), an Osaka taxi driver. The two headed to an Osaka nightclub called [...]
March 7, 20190 comments

Japanese schoolgirl kimono perfect for Asian style comfort

  Don’t know how to tie a kimono sash? No problem, because the clever designof these garments means you don’t have to. While the modern Japanese schoolgirl uniform is usually either a sailor suit or blazer with skirt, that wasn’t always the case. During the Taisho period, which started in 1912, girls still wore traditional Japanese clothing to class, but a standard kimono would be impractical for commuting and sitting at a desk. So schools settled on a combination of billowy hakama pants worn over the bottom half of the kimono robe. Though such uniforms are no longer in use by the Japanese educational system (except for at some graduation ceremonies), it remains a classic look that combines beautiful and cool styling cues, which is why it’s the inspiration for a line of retro roomwear. Following an extremely successful crowdfunding campaign, manufacturer Mocollereleased an initial batch of designs two years ago. Those proved to be popular enough that the company has [...]
March 7, 20190 comments
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Rolling suitcase with built-in desk is perfect for the jetsetting nerds

  Modern technology makes it easier than ever for people to work anywhere, not just in a traditional office setting. But every telecommuter or creative type knows the frustration of grabbing your laptop and any other necessary items, then carrying them to your local cafe, anxious to punch in and get some projects done, only to discover there’re no available seats. Sure you might not need a whole office, but not even having a small desk to work on can really hurt your productivity. Here with a solution is ambitious and creative design house Bibi Lab, which is now selling a wheeled suitcase with an attached desk and chair that’s not only great for mobile professionals, but for artists, cosplayers, and all sorts of other people on the go. Bibi Lab is the same company that brought us the Cotton Husband and Sandwiched Between Twintails Pillow. But while those products were comfortably comforting interior items, Bibi Lab’s [...]
March 7, 20190 comments
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